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7 Ways to Finish the Edges of Your JDiction Resin Coated Artwork

7 Ways to Finish the Edges of Your JDiction Resin Coated Artwork

As you work on your resin art, you must pay attention to how you will finish its edges. That’s because you may have poured your heart into the art but still not get the desired outcome if it does not have an appropriate finishing. With a good resin art finishing of the edges, you can expect exquisite edging epoxy art.

There are several ways to finish the resin art. This guide takes you through each option to help deliver a resin art finishing of your choice. The various options available include:

  1. Rub in Edges
  2. Create a Dam with Tape
  3. Sand and Paint
  4. Dome Resin
  5. Trim Edges
  6. Pour Over Edges
  7. Use a Frame


Materials Required for epoxy art finishing

As you look into your resin art finishing, you will want to make sure that you have access to the relevant materials to get the work done. The various materials required include:

  • Painting or art piece
  • JDiction Epoxy Resin Kit
  • 3 cups or bowls for mixing
  • Utensil for mixing
  • Gloves
  • Protective eyewear
  • A level
  • A torch (artist or kitchen)

Let’s now dig deeper into JDiction epoxy resin art finishing:


  1. Rub in Edges

This is probably one of the most straightforward techniques for resin art finishing. The edging epoxy art technique only requires two materials (1) a platform on which you would raise your artwork and (2) an underside tape.

Start the epoxy art finishing process by allowing the epoxy resin to flow over the outermost edges of your precious art, then rub it in and smooth it. To get a more polished edging epoxy art outcome, keep smoothing after a few minutes. Remember to use a gloved hand for this purpose.

Wondering what the role of the tape is? Before you perform any resin art finishing undertaking, it is a good idea to first tape the art piece underside. That will ease the process of pulling any drips that collect at the bottom. Additionally, the art must be raised to prevent the possibility of gluing it permanently on the table. And your table must be covered, lest you deal with left-over resin!

You may have noticed that this epoxy resin art edges finishing technique is messier compared with other methods. Whereas it may not deliver such highly professional work as other methods shown here, its simplicity trade off  is acceptable.


  1. Create a Dam with Tape

You can achieve a brilliant resin art finishing by masking off the edges using a robust and wide tape that creates a ridge where the wet resin pools. For this epoxy resin finishing style to deliver impressive results, you may want to make several rounds of the duct tape.

Each round should fold over the preceding with the non-sticky side facing the ridge direction.

For top-quality edging epoxy art, consider using metal venting tape. Although it’s costly, the final results make up for the extra dollars added to your budget.

Remember to remove the tape within a reasonable time of not more than 24 hours after pouring. Letting the resin art dry may prove challenging to remove. The overall aim is to make sure the resin is well set without making it hard to pull off the tape.


  1. Sand and Paint

Not so many people have heard about this edging epoxy art strategy, yet it is one of the most reliable. The aim of this epoxy art edge finishing technique is to generate a clean and smooth edge. As a disclaimer, you need to prepare to put in the hours.

Allow the JDiction resin to run down the sides of your epoxy resin artwork and set aside a minimum cure time of 24 hours. When the curing of this precious edging epoxy art completes, smooth it using a power sander. Feel free to paint the epoxy art in any of your chosen colors when done smoothing. Most artists find painting resin art desirable because of the resultant artistic look and feel.


  1. Dome Resin

Here is an epoxy art edge finishing technique that captures the essence of being an artist – the ability to exercise patience. Whereas the dome resin art approach does not need many materials, you need to set aside ample time to complete all the required steps.

For starters, make sure that the resin in question is thick enough to deliver the doming effect.

Place your piece on a level surface to prevent resin from pouring over the sides.

With that done, gently pour JDiction resin at the center of your piece, then brush it to the edges slowly.

You may want to push one edge at a time to create one of the most appealing epoxy resin art pieces you’ve ever witnessed.


  1. Trim Edges

When looking for a professional approach to finish your edging epoxy art edges, this method stands out as the number one choice. However, it needs you to have a table saw at hand.

Tap off the edges of your JDiction epoxy resin art, just as shown in the dam tape technique. After the resin cures, secure using wooden support and drill through the artwork with power tools. Perform this action for each side, then trim the edges.

Some edging epoxy art enthusiasts choose to paint with their favorite colors. You may also leave them exposed for an authentic artistic expose.


  1. Pour Over Edges

This method easily stands out as a go-to JDiction epoxy resin art finishing due to its cohesive outlook when done correctly. You need to position your artwork on a raised surface above the working table. Begin to spread resin so that it pours over the edges, resulting in a piece covered just as the surface.

Incorporate an edging epoxy art spreading tool over the edges to help break the tension. The final result of this technique is a glossy and polished finish for each corner and edge.


  1. Use a Frame

Sometimes creating a brilliant edging epoxy art finishing requires the least effort. Simply purchase a frame and frame your artwork. Nothing more! Please note that sometimes you may want to see the resin’s shiny texture. If that’s the case, use a frame without glass.

In conclusion, finishing your edges adds a personal touch to your artwork and is probably the one thing you should always look forward to. You can rely on any of the seven mentioned methods to finish the edges of your resin coated artwork. Remember that the final results outlook depen on the material used, and the high quality JDiction Epoxy Resin never disappoints. We recommend that you try our JDiction Epoxy Resin because of its low odour, has self-degassing properties, is self-levelling, and does not yellow due when exposed to UV rays.

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Deborah - junio 17, 2023

When coating earrings with UV resin it does not go to the edge. What technique should i use.
Also ddo you avoid peaks and valleys?

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