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New UV Resin Jewelry Techniques——Flame Painting Jewelry

New UV Resin Jewelry Techniques——Flame Painting Jewelry

How much do you know about UV resin jewelry? Well, for the uninitiated, this kind of jewelry is what you get when you apply UV resin to creative use. Here is an illustration of a UV resin work:



Nice, right? Here’s another one.

 New UV Resin Jewelry Techniques——Flame Painting Jewelry


Hey! We skipped something. We forgot to bring you up to speed about the UV resin technology that has changed the jewelry industry. So here goes.


Getting To Know UV Resin

You get UV resin when using the UV light from ultraviolet irradiation devices to cure the resin. If you haven't figured it out yet, this is a synthetic resin mostly used for industrial purposes. The principle behind this technology is the understanding of how UV photons work.

UV photons have loads of energy thanks to their short wavelengths. This energy can be skillfully applied to material like glues and resin in a process referred to as curing. At the end of the curing process, the substance hardens. You can then use it for the purpose it was intended for. That said, to get the most of the UV curing process, the jewelry being cured faster has to be more transparent it is.


UV resin is different from its distant cousins like acrylic and epoxy(traditional) resin. Traditional resin is obtained by mixing resin and a hardener, UV resin does not require aids to be cured. It is promptly ready for use, and be cured by UV lamp. On the flip side of things, it is best applied on small areas, while epoxy resin can also be applied on large surfaces. Where and how you apply either option is down to the task at hand.

UV resins are popular among resin jewelry circles as jewelry resin because they are easy to apply and require little or no time to process. Basically, with UV resin, you get

  • Prompt curing that could take minutes at most
  • Curing over a range of temperatures.
  • Location-specific curing
  • Eco-friendly and healthy working material

Now that you know a thing about UV resin let’s look at resin techniques in jewelry making.


Using OF UV Resin For UV Resin Beginner - Flower key rings

This is real easy. Just follow these steps:

1.Get your UV resin

2.Get some dried foliage or pressed flowers of your choice, and immerse them in UV using a mold

3.Get the mold for jewelry

4.Put the dried flower or pressed foliage in the mold,

5.Pour the UV resin in layers into the mold

6.Put the mold into the UV lamp and leave it for 2 minutes. You might have to leave for a little longer if the dried flower or pressed foliage is pigmented or if the mold is deep.

7.After a few minutes(depending on the conditions above), take out the mold.

8.Sprinkle some Glitter powder lightly on the UV resin

9.If the UV resin jewelry comes out a bit tacky and you don’t like the tackiness, wipe the jewelry off with some industrial-grade alcohol to remove the tackiness

If you did it right, you should get something that looks like this image below:

New Resin Techniques——Flame Painting Jewelry


New Resin Techniques——Flame Painting Jewelry

Thinking of rocking a cool-looking copper pendant? Then try these steps out:

  1. Get some copper blanks
  2. Keep your kitchen torch and cocktail stickers handy
  3. Flame the jewelry pendant to get a colorful effect. Allow it to cool for a bit, then burn it some more. Keep up this process until you get the color you want
  4. Put some UV resin on the flamed copper blank
  5. Ensure that you make a puddle in the middle of the copper blank but make sure that you don’t put some resin over the edge of the pendant
  6. Use the cocktail stickers to drag the UV resin over the edges of the copper blank to give it a dome effect
  7. Use the kitchen torch to dispel any air bubbles that you might find
  8. Place the copper blank under the UV lamp for 2 minutes
  9. Take out the cured copper pendant.

If you got the steps right, you should have something that looks like this:

 Fun Using Of UV resin Jewelry --Bubbles Effect Jewelry


Fun Using Of UV resin Jewelry --Bubbles Effect Jewelry

Here is how to make your bubble effect jewelry

  1. Pick a mold of your choice
  2. Get your hairdryer or hot air gun handy
  3. Pick some paints of your choice(we recommend metallic paints)
  4. Get a container, some water, and some dish soap
  5. Put some water and some dish soap in a container that you can shake easily
  6. Shake it to make the bubbles,
  7. Add the UV resin to the mold. Let it be about halfway up
  8. Add the bubbly soap water into the mold
  9. Put it under the UV  lamp for 2minutes
  10. Take it out and dry it out with the hot air gun or dryer to remove excess moisture
  11. Paint it with the metallic paint for effect. Ensure that you cover all the nooks and crannies of the mold
  12. Add the color of your choice to the back of the UV resin
  13. Put it in the UV lamp for 2 minutes to cure
  14. Take it out

The result should look like this:

 Fun Using Of UV resin Jewelry --Bubbles Effect Jewelry


Tips on How To Use UV Resin

UV jewelry is great to have on. It is even better when it's DIY UV resin jewelry. Here are some tips you might want to try.

Be Patient

You must take your time working with UV resin. For instance, you'd need to take your time when pouring out the UV resin to prevent air bubbles from getting into the final product. Even when putting the finishing touches to the cured resin, being patient is the difference between great UV jewelry and a badly botched job or an "almost" great one..

Get the Right UV Resin Tools

Using the right tools will always get you the right results. So when fabricating UV resin jewelry, you must use the right tools for the job. Say, for instance, that some air bubbles somehow got into the UV resin despite all the care you took to avoid that. The right tool to use in such a situation would be any of a kitchen torch, a lighter, or a hairdryer depending on the kind of the jewelry piece being made. You also want to ensure that you stay protected at all times: safety glasses, a face mask, and gloves.

Having a UV resin tool kit is one thing. Keeping them in good condition is another. It is important that you keep your tools clean all the time. One of the best ways to do that is to use a baby wipe because it gets the job done with using water.

Use the Right UV Resin Tool Kit

To get the best results when working on UV resin jewelry, we recommend that you opt for a best  uv resin.  Or you will find the fact is that there are quite a few errors that you’d find among most UV resin tool kit brand on the market out there. Some of the common problems that you will find with UV resin include:

  • Air bubbles
  • Tacky UV resin
  • Overly soft UV resin
  • Curing issues
  • Sticky film on the UV resin
  • Bulging UV resin surface

Steer clear of low-grade resin because you won’t get the best results. Low-grade UV resin will give the worst results when used for UV resin jewelry. You are better off with high-grade resin because you are sure of getting your money’s worth in value. Now here’s a caveat. Not all cheap UV resin will be low-grade because some brands might just be trying to win customers by selling really good stuff at low prices. On the flip side not all expensive UV resin products are high grade because some brands might just be using their status to sell substandard products.

So what to do? Don’t bother hunting for UV resin kits. JDiction resin offers high-grade UV resin at affordable prices. You can never go wrong with any of their UV resin tool kits. Check out some of the best UV cure resin here



A great feeling comes with rocking great jewelry that you made yourself. Hopefully, you have gained some insights from the new jewelry in this article, and you are ready to make some great UV resin jewelry


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Arline Tepper - diciembre 20, 2023

I have a question. In the instructions for beginners. It saids to take out of the mold and then sprinkle glitter. How does the glitter stick? Which formula of Uv resin should we use. The new formula or the other Uv resin I like your resin.

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