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9 best epoxy resin for jewelry and art work

9 best epoxy resin for jewelry and art work

Thanks to online specialist stores and wider availability, we all have access to more material choice than ever for jewelry making. From settings to wire, you can find the perfect match for your ideas, and the same is true for epoxy resin as well. The question is, with so much choice, how do you know which to choose?

 Why Choose Epoxy Resin?
1. JDiction
    16 Oz. Kit
  8.8 Oz. Kit
    32 Oz. Kit
2. Teexpert
4. Art Resin
6. Amazing Clear Cast
7. Puduo

   Why Choose Epoxy Resin?

  • There are three choices for resin when making jewelry, epoxy, UV and polyester resins. While the other two have their uses, epoxy resin dries crystal clear and incredibly hard, making it particularly suitable for use in creating beautiful jewelry or in arts and crafts projects. Epoxy resin is created by mixing two materials together, the resin itself and a hardener, and your epoxy resin kit will include both along with instructions as to the ration of one part to the other to be used. Always check this, as while many are a straight 1 to 1 mix, others are not, and getting the ratio wrong will either leave you with a resin that has gone off before you can use it, or will take far too long to set, if at all.

    Knowing that epoxy resin is the best option for jewelry arts and crafts, which are the best options on the market today?

    1. JDiction

    Jdiction website :

    Arriving in a kit with two 8 oz bottles, one of resin and one of hardener, along with mixing cups, wooden stirrers and gloves, the Jdiction epoxy resin kit gives you everything you need to get started. This epoxy resin is formulated for craftwork, is completely odorless, VOC and BPA free, and is even FDA approved for use on tableware, cutting boards and other kitchen equipment.

    With excellent anti-UV properties, the crystal clear, deep gloss finish is going to stay that way over time, and as can be expected from a company that makes a complete range of color pigments, takes color really well. With 40 minutes work time and great color retention alongside that deep and lustrous gloss finish, this is one of the best epoxy resin products available for artwork and jewelry today.


    • Everything needed in one box, great for beginners
    • Superb, deep gloss finish with powerful anti-yellowing to maintain crystal clear look
    • Works exceptionally well with pigments
    • Affordable price


    • 40-minute working time is average for an epoxy resin

    16 Oz. Kit

           in the U.S.                  in the U.K.

    8.8 Oz. Kit

          in the U.K.


    32 Oz. Kit

          in the U.K.

    2. Teexpert

    Teexpert website :

    Available as a set of two 8 oz bottles, one resin and one hardener, or as a complete kit including the epoxy resin, mixing cups, stirrers and gloves, the Teexpert epoxy resin is VOC free with minimal odor, and an impressive 40-minute work time.

    Another that avoids the yellowing problems some resins show, this epoxy resin cures to a crystal-clear finish and stays that way over time. Self levelling, its easy to use and gives an incredibly smooth, high-gloss finish that looks stunning. It takes color really well too, and it has a great consistency that works well whether you are using molds or creating freeform art of any kind. Definitely one of the best on the market, it blends ease of use and performance in a way few others can match.


    • Choose from a pack of epoxy resin or a complete kit with everything you need
    • Very easy to use
    • Incredibly deep gloss finish looks fantastic
    • Works exceptionally well with pigments and inks
    • Great viscosity gives flexibility to use with molds or free form art


    • Not the cheapest option, but you may think the quality is worth the extra

    3. Skogfe Epoxy Resin Kit

    A beginner friendly kit that has good UV protection, so will stay clear over time and not suffer from the yellowing that some epoxy resin products get. The complete kit includes disposable mixing containers and some rubber gloves along with wooden mixing sticks, giving you everything needed to get started with epoxy resin in one convenient package.

    A 40-minute working time is good for beginners too, and clear instruction stake the worry out of your first epoxy resin pour. However, there are higher quality resins available for the price, and while great for familiarizing yourself with epoxy resin, there are better alternatives for creating your jewelry or artwork.


    • Good anti-yellowing protection
    • Kit has everything you need
    • 40-minute working time is beginner friendly


    • Can’t match the very best for finish
    • Other options are better for use with pigments and inks

    4. Art Resin

    Using a simple 1 to 1 mix of resin and hardener, this VOC free epoxy resin is easy to mix and safe to work with. Flexible, it can be used in molds or to create freeform jewelry, and it can be used with inks and other coloring options to create artwork too. The resin is provided in two equally sized bottles of resin and hardener, but it doesn’t offer the best value.

    Having said that, this epoxy resin is a popular option for many and with work can give you a lovely glossy finish, but there are other options that are easier to get those great results with.


    • Nice smooth glossy finish
    • Works well with pigments and inks
    • Good UV protection to prevent yellowing


    • Not available as a kit for those starting out
    • Others can match or beat it for a lower cost

    5. Dr Crafty

    Dr Crafty has a good reputation for delivering value for money, and their epoxy resin is another that comes in a kit complete with mixing pots, stirrers and a plastic spreader. Designed to avoid yellowing, ensuring your jewelry or artwork will look the same over time, it cures to a lovely glossy sheen that will look great with any jewelry style you are creating.

    It has a lower viscosity than some though, and that can make it more difficult to work with depending on the project. However, like the Skogfe kit, having everything you need in a pack is great for those starting out.


    • Great finish with a deep gloss shine
    • Everything you need in one box
    • Anti-yellowing protection


    • Lower viscosity can make it more difficult to work with
    • Not the best option if you plan on using color
    • Expensive and price is fluctuating

    6. Amazing Clear Cast

    Amazing Clear Cast offers a small volume kit that lets you try things out without too much expense, and for those just experimenting, there is an advantage to that approach. However, if you are creating even an average sized piece of art or wanting to create several jewelry pieces at once, you can easily find yourself running out mid project, which is never good.

    This epoxy resin is formulated for strength, the company also has a wide range of molds available and this resin is ideal for them, but here there are other options that provide a deeper shine to the gloss finish. A good allrounder though, and with the smaller quantities involved, is suited to smaller projects.


    • Very cost effective for beginners
    • Ideal for mold work but great on most small projects


    • Doesn’t quite have the deep luster you can enjoy from the best on the market
    • Small quantities in the pack keep cost down, but don’t provide enough resin enough for many projects
    • Expensive compared to others

    7. Puduo

    Puduo epoxy resin is available as a complete kit including mixing cups and other essentials, or as a two pack of resin and hardener. Resistant to UV, it will stay clear and avoid the issues of yellowing that some epoxy resin products suffer from.

    However, with a slightly shorter working time than others and a gloss that doesn’t quite match the best, Puduo epoxy resin can be bettered by other products. A quality option that won’t let you down, but perhaps not your first choice for that special project you are working on.


    • A complete kit to get you started
    • UV resistant to avoid yellowing


    • Working time shorter than some
    • Gloss finish doesn’t match the very best available

    8. Unokki

    Unokki website :

    Unokki epoxy resin is another available either as a complete kit to get you started or as a two pack of resin and hardener. UV resistant to stay crystal clear over time, perfect for jewelry and artwork, it is also VOC free and low odor. What stands out about this impressive epoxy resin is the way it takes color, and the stunning gloss finish that it delivers after curing. If you are looking for tinted epoxy resin for jewelry or creating art, this is perhaps the best available.

    Just add your ink or pigment and the results are stunning. It retains a vibrancy and deep gloss surface that is hard to match, a wonderful epoxy resin that is easy to work with, the self levelling resisting bubbles and other issues some may suffer from. It dries incredibly hard too, for long lasting shine in your work. With a 40-45-minute curing time, ease of mixing and safe use, Unokki epoxy resin should be at the top of your list when choosing materials for your next project.


    • Great resistance to yellowing
    • Beautiful deep gloss finish
    • Resists bubbles and other problems, very user friendly
    • Choose from a kit for beginners or just the resin to save cost
    • Superb with pigments and inks


    • Low odor rather than odorless

    9. FGCI Liquid Glass

    As the name suggests, this epoxy resin delivers a stunning gloss coat that looks amazing. It uses a slightly different approach, with a 2 to 1 ratio of resin to hardener, and it can be poured in substantially thicker layers than any other resin here.

    However, while the performance is excellent, others can match that gloss effect, and at significantly less cost too. FGCI is significantly more expensive than the others here, in some cases as much as four times the cost, and as such, is not an economical option, and other epoxy resins deliver a similar finish without that additional expense.


    • One of the best gloss finishes you will find with epoxy resin
    • Can be used for thick layers of up to 2 cm


    • Very expensive
    • Not as user friendly as other epoxy resins, not recommended for beginners


    Every epoxy resin here can give great results for your next project, although some make it easier to get there than others. In this sample, there are three stand out options, Jdiction, Teexpert and Unokki. They blend ease of use, a fantastic finish and great value. Whichever you pick, we know that you are going to find success with your next epoxy resin project.

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Anne Kimble - mayo 8, 2024

I recently purchased your UV resin high velocity and high gloss. I use it to lightly coat, my rhinestones in my dog collars to help them from not falling out. However, your high gloss UV resin is still sticky and I apply a thin layer. Never had this problem before with other resin. Please help.

PhiLho - febrero 1, 2024

Interesting list. There are many options, nice that JDiction publishes that, talking about concurrents… 🙂 At least, it is first in the list! (fair enough)
There are probably many more options, including nameless Chinesse products…
I am surprised not to see a brand quite popular in Europe: Epodex. Quite reputable.

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