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Make resin tealight holder yourself

Make resin tealight holder yourself

Make resin tealight holder yourself

You can customize epoxy resin tealight holders with any decoration of your choice so that they fit perfectly into your interior. You can also make seasonal decorations for the different seasons or holidays. Whether embedded spring flowers or artificial snow for the winter - everything is possible with JDiction Epoxy Resin!
In this post we will show you how to make synthetic resin candle holders with JDiction products and what you need for them!

You need:

  • JDiction Epoxy Resin (1:1 Mix Ratio)
  • JDiction Resin Colorant
  • Measuring cups
  • Mixing cup
  • Stir bars
  • Gloves
  • Scattered decorations, glitter or dried flowers
  • Silicone mold for candle holders

Make epoxy resin tealight holder - This is how it works:

Have all the materials ready. Note that we recommend for your materials and workspace to be between 72-85°F.

Step 1: Put on the disposable gloves and mix our JDiction Epoxy Resin according to the instructions in a ratio of 1: 1 by volume. Stir well until no more streaks can be seen.

Step 2: For a transparent result, you can pour the clear resin into the silicone mold. If you want to embed objects, work layer by layer and let the resin set before placing anything in the mold. You can also stir coarse glitter directly into the transparent resin with the help of a toothpick and then pour it into the mold.
Alternatively, you can add the transparent drop-ins or pigments to the epoxy resin. Here you can freely decide how many drops or powder you want to add according to the desired color intensity. Use a stirring stick to stir the pigments evenly into the epoxy. All of our colors can be mixed together - so you can achieve very individual color results!

Step 3: After 24 hours at the earliest, take the epoxy resin candle holder out of the mold. But check beforehand whether the resin is really already completely hardened, otherwise it can still deform when it is molded.

Step 4: With transparent castings, the use of silicone molds can lead to streaks on the edge. You can polish these away with sandpaper.

Make resin tealight holder yourselfMake resin tealight holder yourselfMake resin tealight holder yourself

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