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Christmas Gift and Home Decor DIY Guide

Christmas Gift and Home Decor DIY Guide

With Christmas just around the corner, it's time to start thinking about buying your loved ones the perfect gift. Resin crafts are a great gift idea for any creative person in your life.


Christmas is also the perfect time to encourage loved ones to take up a new hobby or craft. Resin art is easy to learn, fun to make and creates beautiful items that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

Must have Resin Christmas Gifts for 2023

DIY Christmas ResinCrete Kit

Christmas ResinCrete Kit

New for 2023 Is our DIY Christmas ResinCreate Kit complete with everything you need to create five different Christmas ornaments. A perfect gift for both the beginners and experienced resin crafters in your life. Or why not use the detailed instructions to keep your children busy crafting in the run-up to Christmas?


Why not purchase some extra Epoxy resin and make Christmas ornaments as gifts for all the family to enjoy? Check out our Epoxy resin, it's guaranteed to cure in 24 hours.


Starter Kits

UV Resin Kit


If you’re looking for a gift that is a little less festive yet still includes everything you need to create your first resin project check out our starter kits here!


When you purchase one of our starter kits you will be able to create your own unique resin jewellery, keyrings and more without having to buy extra supplies. Complete with a range of pigments, glitter and sequins.


Once you get creating with our starter kit you’ll find you need more resin to keep you going. Purchase more UV resin from our website to keep your creative juices flowing.


Metallic Liquid Permanent Markers

Every Christmas project needs to sparkle and what better way to achieve that Christmas bling than by adding a high gloss mirrored design to your Christmas resin art? Find all three coloured markers here.


Christmas Resin Jewellery


If you want to make some resin gifts to give to your loved ones, resign earrings are a perfect choice. Buy some mini Christmas molds and get pouring your favourite resin colours. Add lots and lots of glitter for some added Christmas bling.

Home Decor Resin

Christmas is the perfect time to create holiday-inspired resin art to decorate your home or give to your loved ones.

Check out our top craft projects below.


Christmas Resin Coasters

There are so many styles, shapes and designs of coasters and once you start creating these cute surface protectors you won't want to stop. The two designs below show the versatility of the humble coaster.


The easiest way to make coasters is to pour different coloured resin into your molds and let it set, adding glitter can give your coasters a little holiday sparkle. Use the permanent metallic ink pens shown above to draw or write different holiday designs or words to give these coasters an extra bang.

DIY Christmas Cheeseboard


Anyone who loves Christmas loves a good cheese and nibble board. Why not make your own Christmas-themed board to sit proudly on your table during pre-holiday drinks? There are so many shapes and styles of board on the market, add a gorgeous wood stain and then use red, green and gold coloured resin to create your design and share some Christmas cheer.


Holiday Resin Clock


What a great way to display your favourite things about the holidays all in one place. Creating a Christmas clock could be the start of a tradition that sees the clock passed down through generations. Remembering times of joy, family, and love. You can add anything you want to your Christmas clock, take ideas from the example above or add your own sentimental Christmas items. Decide whether you want to add coloured resin, or keep white or clear resin to really make your design stand out.


DIY Resin Photoframe


If you’re like me and leave Christmas shopping to the last minute why not create unique photo frames for your loved ones? Keep them Christmas-themed or add in their personality for a truly special gift. We think this Lego photo frame is a perfect example of how you can create something special with items you most likely have at home. Dried flowers, buttons, or any small item would work great for this project.


Whether you are looking for the perfect Christmas gift, a craft to keep the children busy or you want to create amazing home decor items for you and your family, learning how to create resin art is a fun, exciting craft. Once you’ve learnt the basics of resin art the possibilities are endless, the only thing stopping you is your imagination.


Our website is full of everything you need from essential equipment to starter kits.

You know that JDiction has you covered!

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