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Resin Art as Therapy: Cathy's Inspirational Journey of Creativity and Healing

Resin Art as Therapy: Cathy's Inspirational Journey of Creativity and Healing




In the world of art, there are individuals who push the boundaries of creativity and strive to create unique and innovative pieces. Cathy Burghardt

, an artist specializing in resin art, is one such individual. Through insightful chatting, we get a glimpse into Cathy's story, her artistic journey, and the therapeutic benefits she finds in working with resin. Join us as we delve into her experiences, and challenges in the world of resin art.


Art as Therapy

In the face of life's challenges, Cathy found solace and strength through her creative journey in resin art. As a cancer survivor who experienced the loss of her father and took on the responsibility of caring for her elderly mother, Cathy discovered that art provided a therapeutic outlet for her emotions. Engaging in resin art helped her combat anxiety and depression, allowing her mind to stay active and focused. Instead of relying solely on medical solutions, Cathy embraced mindfulness, meditation, and deep breathing, along with the joy of working in her garden, as essential ways to maintain her mental well-being.


Resin Journey

Cathy's exploration into resin art began when she sought the best method to seal tiles. Through extensive research, she stumbled upon resin, realizing its potential as an artistic medium. This realization ignited her passion, prompting her to purchase her first set of resin. As she embarked on her resin journey, Cathy encountered various resin brands, each with its own advantages and drawbacks. Sharing her experiences with different brands, she learned from cheaper resins that turned yellow over time to unexpectedly fast-curing resins. On a recommendation from renowned artist Steve McDonald, she finally found a resin brand that met her expectations, JDiction. Cathy also expressed satisfaction with UV resin, which lacked the strong odors and headaches associated with other UV resins she had tried before.


Unleashing Creativity without Boundaries

Resin art creation is not without its challenges, but what captivates Cathy the most is its boundless potential for creativity. Witnessing the beauty of her handcrafted pieces serves as her ultimate reward. Cathy loves pushing the boundaries of resin's capabilities and enjoys exploring its untapped potential. For instance, she incorporated copper tape, typically used in stained glass art, into her resin creations. Reinforcing the tape with acetone and shaping it into intricate patterns, she achieved stunning stained glass effects within her resin artwork.


Challenges and Triumphs

Cathy acknowledges that, like any craft, resin art comes with its challenges. Financial constraints sometimes impede her creative process, but she values the fulfillment and mental well-being that art brings to her life. It's a more cost-effective therapeutic solution than traditional psychiatric treatment. Cathy emphasizes the importance of not forgetting to play and have fun, especially as adults. "You have to play; you have to make yourself happy," she says.


Sharing Art with the World

As an artist, Cathy delights in sharing her creations and engaging with others. She conducts classes at the local library, teaching 20 children how to use RESINCRETE from JDiction for casting projects—an eco-friendly material that suits children well. Additionally, she actively participates in Facebook groups, interacting with her audience through live videos and demonstration tutorials.


Cathy's story as a resin artist demonstrates her passion, resilience, and the therapeutic power of creative expression. Her commitment to pushing the boundaries of resin art and her willingness to share her knowledge are truly inspiring. As Cathy continues to craft mesmerizing resin artworks and explore new possibilities, she reminds us all to embrace the healing potential of art in our own lives. Through resin art, Cathy not only creates beautiful pieces but also finds inner peace and strength—a testimony to the transformative power of art as therapy.


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