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JDiction High Gloss Deep Pour Epoxy Resin - 3 Gallon - 2:1 Mix Ratio

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Deep Pour Epoxy Resin

Low Viscosity & Long Working Time

Deep Pour Epoxy ResinDeep Pour Epoxy Resin

  • ✨【Deep Pour Up to 4 Inches】JDiction 2:1 deep pour resin can easily fill more than 2-4 inches, which is perfect for deep pouring flower crafts, river beds, movable table edges, three-dimensional molds and other art projects. You no longer have to worry about cracking and can enjoy creating deep-pour resin crafts.
  • ✨【Extended Work Time & Higher Hardness】 Enjoy the freedom of up to 90-120 minutes of working time with JDiction 2:1 deep pour resin. This extended duration allows you to create with precision and without the pressure of rapid curing. Once cured, experience a remarkable hardness exceeding 90HV+, ensuring your art projects are exceptionally durable and resistant to wear.
  • ✨【High Gloss & No Bubbles】Say goodbye to bubble concerns with our low-viscosity epoxy resin, which provides excellent self-leveling properties. The resin flows smoothly during working allowing you to get a flawless, ultra-high gloss finish, enhancing the overall aesthetic of your creations.
  • ✨【Yellowing Resistance & Perfect Match】Powerful UV inhibitor makes your resin creations more resistant to yellowing and not easy to fade over time; Perfectly matched with various pigment, mica powder and other accessories, used with wood and molds to create a more gorgeous look epoxy resin artwork.
  • ✨【Serve With Heart】At JDiction, we pride ourselves on our commitment to customer satisfaction. We provide premium silicone art materials and are dedicated to providing fast and responsive customer care. Any questions please contact us, we are always here.

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