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Free Shipping on Orders Over $35

Resin Leveling Table Craft Balancing Board - 22.8''x 15''

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  • Extra Large Resin Leveling Table: When using epoxy resin, when making acrylic pour paintings, when you are making any project that requires a level surface and you're ruining your entire work because the table has an uneven surface, Are you feeling irritable? Jdiction Crafting Leveling Table coming!!! It will ensure the perfect working surface for any craft project &epoxy resin & Art Painting & 3D Printer & self-leveling resin .
  • Sturdy & Solid: This Resin leveling table is sturdy and solid table. The thickness is 1.8 inches. Our leveling table's smooth surface is not porous to ensure the epoxy resin/painting fuel will not adhere to it. Resin leveling table and Wrench included.
  • Easy to Use: Screw four adjustable height and angle feet until the bubble in the yellow window sits in the center. Our leveling table will ensure the perfectly leveled working surface on any uneven surface. Save more time creating craft-self-leveling epoxy resin.
  • Multi-function: Our Leveling table is flat surface, great for epoxy resin, liquids, baking projects or other art supplies. It only takes a little time to level the table, allowing you to immerse artistic creations fully.
  • Precision Leveling: Resin leveling tables are designed for precise leveling of various materials, ensuring that surfaces are perfectly flat and even. This resin leveling tables are designed with user-friendly adjustment mechanisms, allowing for easy and precise leveling.

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