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JDiction Chrome Markers Liquid Mirror Permanent Metallic 3 Colors

par JDiction
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  • ✨【High Gloss Mirror Effect】:JDiction Liquid Mirror Chrome Markers are formulated with a unique ink highly pigmented, premium high gloss liquid chrome and is highly opaque. It has good anti-ultraviolet ability, strong coverage, and has an amazing mirror effect, which keeps high gloss and brightness for a long time, showing the effect like a mirror. Once the ink is dry, it exhibits impressive water resistance and stability, ensuring the highlights remain vivid and unfaded.
  • ✨【3 Colors Ideal for Resin Crafts Supplies 】: Unleash your creativity with our chrome paint pen for metal available in 3 different Colors (Silver, Gold, Copper). Each metallic paint pen features a broad tip with width from 2-5mm which allows more precise coverage and control for faster and smoother painting or coloring. These 3 popular metallic colors, which can perfectly meet various styles of handmade works (particularly resin crafts) and repair surface colors of more metals.
  • ✨【Wide Application & Limitless Creations】:JDiction Mirror chrome markers can show high-gloss metal reflective effects on a variety of materials (such as plastic, glass,metal, resin, resincrete, artificial fiber, rock painting, clay, foam, paper, canvas, ceramic and more). It is very suitable for use with JDiction UV resin, epoxy resin and resincrete. Perfect for arts and crafts, Epoxy Resin Supplies, DIY projects, scrapbooks, card making, cars steering wheel logo, toys/collectibles model scratch repair, homemade Christmas cards, etc. These markers will elevate your creations to new heights.
  • ✨【For Better Use】:① Shake the chrome paint pen holder up and down to mix the ink evenly before use. ② Test the flow of ink on a separate piece of paper befor coloring. ③ It takes about 1 hour to dry on the surface of the fully cured glue, and about 12H for the rest of the large area to dry naturally. Do not touch it, otherwise, it will leave a mark. ④If you want to get the best mirror effect, clean the surface of the workpiece before use. The smoother the surface of the workpiece, the better the mirror effect.
  • ✨【Serve With Heart】Our team is committed to fast response and multi-channel accessibility for customer care. We want your 100% satisfaction by providing premium resin art materials that guarantee pleasing, and long-lasting results, meanwhile, offering daily creative ideas for crafting. We are standing by to assist you with any issues. By crafter, for crafter.

JDiction mirror chrome marker

Smooth Flow & Fast Cure & Ideal Gift DecorationJDiction 3 Colors Chrome Paint PenJDiction 3 Colors Chrome Paint for MetalJDiction metallic permanent markers

Wide Application & Limitless Creations

JDiction Chrome Markers for resin crafts and DIY

Steps For Better Use

JDiction Chrome Markers Painting Steps

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