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Free Shipping on Orders Over $35

JDiction Clear High Gloss Epoxy Resin - 1 Gallon

par JDiction
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Prix d'origine $79.99
Prix d'origine $79.99 - Prix d'origine $79.99
Prix d'origine $79.99
Prix actuel $59.99
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Prix actuel $59.99

✨【MINIMUM ODOR & SAFE】Formulated in the USA. JDiction Epoxy Resin cooperates with the largest supplier in Southeast Asia. We develop and manufacture in the safest way possible, Zero VOCs, non-toxic, non-flammable, create the lowest odor, a healthier resin that is not harmful to you and the environment; making your craft work more comfortable.
✨【CRYSTAL CLEAR & DAZZLING LUSTER】JDiction's customized high-grade epoxy resin is very transparent, which greatly reduces the generation of air bubbles, and can avoid defects craters to the greatest extent; the self-leveling formula makes the resin smoother and obtains glossy and translucent works like glass; we only produce The purest resin, you deserve the best product!
✨【YELLOW RESISTANT & DURABLE】After research and development, we add a new type of UV inhibitor to the resin to prevent the resin from turning yellow due to overexposure, and keep the resin clear for a longer time; the cured resin is extremely hard, scratch-resistant, which can make the resin more durable. You can grind and polish at will; it is the heartbeat choice for high-quality craftsmen.
✨【VARIOUS CRAFTS & GIFTS】Blends perfectly with pigments, and mica powder to achieve amazing results; ideal for jewelry making, tumblers, bar finishes, river tables, and wood crafting; can also be used for wood and metal coatings for good waterproofing, It is the best choice for making handmade Birthday, Christmas, New Year gift gifts for friends and family!
✨【Serve With Heart】Our team is committed to fast response and multi-channel accessibility for customer care. We want your 100% satisfaction by providing premium resin art materials that guarantee pleasing, and long-lasting results, meanwhile, offering daily creative ideas for crafting. We are standing by to assist you with any issues. By crafter, for crafter. 


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