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Free Shipping on Orders Over $35

JDiction Low Viscosity UV Resin - 200g

par JDiction

Prix d'origine $19.99 - Prix d'origine $19.99
Prix d'origine
$19.99 - $19.99
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Bringing an intricate creation to life? Our low viscosity UV resin is the ideal solution. Formulated to be thinner with a faster flow speed, this powerful liquid can fill every corner and crevice of your mold – no matter how irregular.

  • With 1100-1300 cps viscosity, the flow of UV resin is faster in nature
  • Low odor and safe
  • No Sticky, free of any sticky feeling
  • Simple operation, directly used without modulation
  • Bubble-free, super fit coating and casting resin
  • Yellow-Resistant, preventing from fading over time
  • Bring you crystal clear and high-gloss crafts with the purest resin
  • The cured resin is extremely hard, and scratch-resistant
  • Heat resistant up to 212℉ after curing
  • The cured UV resin is waterproof and can be placed in water
  • Made of premium materials, good transparency, and no impurities
Low Viscosity

Low Viscosity

On the basis of the JDiction original UV resin, we have greatly reduced the viscosity of UV resin, the flow of UV resin faster in nature; Great for craft lovers who like thin uv resin.

Crystal Clear & Bubble Free

Crystal Clear & Bubble Free

Allowing you to get ultra-clear resin, lets your craft shine at the moment.

Yellow Resistant

Yellow Resistant

We add a new type of UV inhibitor to prevent the resin from turning yellow due to overexposure, and keep the resin clear for a longer time.

Low Odor

Low Odor

We committed to the lowest-odor uv resin, allowing you to complete the craft work more comfortably.

No Sticky

UV resin will also not be sticky and cloudy once cured, perfect for making quality small DIY crafts.


The cured UV resin can be placed in water for a long time without softening and stickiness.

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