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About US


JDiction Resin for Crafter


Our Mission: 

Innovate with Mind and Serve with Heart.


About US:

JDiction was founded in 2018 and has been seeking formula innovation to develop resin craft products for premium quality. We've been co-working with the largest epoxy resin manufacturer in the world and mainly sourcing purest resin from southeast Asia to achieve the best value and presents ultra crystal clear effect on your art pieces. 

Our products have gained reputation among beginners, resin crafters and artists with its professional-level quality, crystal clear results for stunning surface of artwork.  As resin crafters ourselves we highly value the safety, long-lasting effect of anti-yellowing feature of our product. 

In every process from material sourcing to end customer, we are implementing high standard of quality control to achieve stability and reliability.

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JDiction's origins:

Jack and his wife Thelma first met on the street of Williamsburg Brooklyn. They were attracted by a resin painting with crystal clear surface, and reached out their hands at the same time. Gentleman Jack gave the painting to Thelma. They had a pleasant artistic exchange on this painting. This is how their love begins.

Just a few months later, they found that the resin painting as a token of their love turned yellow. This is absolutely a bad thing for this soul mate deeply in love . They decided to create their own resin art to keep their love.

They searched and compared different resin products on the Internet, and finally bought the resin with the strongest yellowing resistance which the seller claimed.

Yellowing again. And they noticed that many people commented that their resin crafts also turned yellow soon. This is an exactly universal problem that needs to be solved. They decided to look for a resin that would have a long last effect.

They came to Southeast Asia, in which has the great raw material of epoxy resin, and locates the world's largest and most professional manufacturer. Starting from raw materials, they aim to provide reliable epoxy resin products for resin crafters.

They are busy between the rubber farm and the manufacturing laboratory all day. Finally, they developed epoxy resin with excellent yellow resistance. They thought they saw the dawn of success.

However, Thelma fell ill and had to leave early because she was unaccustomed and overworked. Jack has to be alone. And the laboratory encountered a problem in the innovative formula. In the later test and comparison, it was found that the new product had more bubbles than before.

It never rains but it pours. Jack fell into anxiety and almost gave up.

The only good news is that Thelma recovered soon after returning home and found that she was pregnant! She couldn't wait to share the news with Jack. But when she turned on the phone, she saw the messege from Jack said he wanted to give this business up. Thelma thought of how to answer Jack, and her eyes fell on the painting. She photographed that yellowing love token and the pregnancy report, then sent them to Jack.

Jack received the pictures. He was puzzled and happy mixed at first, and then slowly reminded of their original intention to start the resin business. He told Thelma to take good care of herself, and he would continue this career and reunite with her as soon as possible.

Jack restarted with even more fighting spirit than when he first came. They quickened the pace of exploration and shuttled between rubber plantations and factories every day. After unremitting efforts to adjust various formulas with professional teams, they have produced yellow resistant, high gloss and self defoaming epoxy resin.

So they established the JDiction, which means Jack's addition in art craft, and aims to empower creativity with reliable and innovative products, so that every person can resin out their talent; And each craft can present masterpiece quality.


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