Spread Love and Care with JDiction

Why is there this card?

JDiction was born on a journey for better craft resin, inspired by a yellowed love token made of resin between Jack and Thelma. With JDiction, Thelma helps full-time moms to start their own businesses and achieve their dreams.

Now JDiction hopes to spread love and care to more people. That's why the Random hidden cards "Spread Love and Care" in New Formula UV Resin-300g.

💖 For every order that includes this card, JDiction will donate 20 cents to the Malala Fund, a remarkable organization working tirelessly to promote girls' education worldwide.

🌍✨Let's join forces to create a positive impact. Spread love, show care, and let's make a change for women's health and education! 💪💕

📸Snap a Picture and Share

We invite all of you when you receive the "Spread Love and Care" card, to take a picture of it and share it with us on Social Media. JDiction will donate 20 cents to the Malala Fund.

Don't forget Tag US @jdiction_officials

Got the UV Resin with the Card